Monday, September 14, 2015

Gather Around the Amish Table~

Gather around the Amish Table: Treasured Recipes and Stories from Plain Communities

"Gather Around the Amish Table" would be a fabulous gift for anybody who is fascinated by the simple life of the Amish. 

This is a softcover cookbook, filled with full-color photography and engaging personal stories, and every page highlights the good food that can be found in Amish kitchens. 
When you work hard and tend the land well, your reward is the bounty of the seasons. Judging from these recipes, Amish cooks know how to use that bounty, making their meals both nourishing and enjoyable.  

There are recipes for any day of the year and almost any skill level, because the contributors ranged from young Amish girls to their kitchen-wise grandmothers. 

As with any cookbook, you'll likely never make some of these dishes (you'd have to butcher your own hog to get the ingredients!) but if you're a fan of the Amish life, then you'll find the more obscure recipes interesting all the same. 

And there is plenty for the average cook to work with, such as cauliflower bacon salad, "Party Potatoes," "Broccoli Bonanza," "Best-Ever Meatloaf," "Lisa's Lasagna," and various delectable brownies and cookies and pies and granola bars and puddings.  There are muffins and breads for breakfast, one-dish dinners, lots of noodle recipes, and many desserts. 

So next time you need a present for your favorite Amish-wanna-be, consider this cookbook. 

I thank Litfuse Publicity for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

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