Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Girl Meets Change...

Girl Meets Change: Truths to Carry You through Life's Transitions

Kristen Strong had me when she admitted that change she didn't orchestrate was about as welcome as chewing off her own right arm.
Um, absolutely. 
Is there a secret handshake for this club of change-averse people? Maybe I should come up with one. Heck, I even view the change of seasons with suspicion, until the new charms of nature woo me into Spring, or Summer, or Fall. 

And who hasn't experienced change, with a capital C?  
Somebody you care about goes away and your heart walks on out of your body and goes with them.
Something you depend on- steady employment or educational opportunities- shifts under your feet and you're left trying to decide on our next move. 
Life's fragility becomes intensely personal... there's an illness or a death, and you just want "the way things used to be," to be the way they are again.

Change doesn't look the same for any two people, but we likely feel the same when we meet it. Kristen compares change to her 6' 5" cousin. Despite the fact that he was a gentle giant, people stepped aside to clear his path. Change is that big guy... we want to hunker down in a corner and hope he doesn't see us. We're concerned just looking at him.

Today was one of those days. Recently, someone I love has been trying to make an important move in their life. Everything seemed to come together, and then it derailed again, with more stress added to the mix. I'm hurting just watching them. 

Kristen's book challenged me to believe: there is a God-for-me story, and a God-for-my-friend story. And that change that I want to fight off and run from and dig out from underneath as fast as I can? Well, that change is ON our way, not IN our way. 

So, how does the Gospel illuminate change, transition, and the unknown?  How do we keep moving when the wanted-change doesn't happen, and the change-we-didn't-choose is breathing in our ears? 

Kristen turns our faces towards the God who never runs short of grace or glory. 
She writes, "He loves me through all ancient and future time, so whatever circumstances are a part of my story are a part of his everlasting love for me too.... When I sit in times of change, I remember I also sit in his everlasting love." 

Somehow, Kristen managed to spread the truth of Scripture onto my heart with each page she penned. She's asking me to take a risk, to believe God in the changes. Yes, I desire the changes I think would be good for me. Yes, I dread the changes that cause me trouble and worry. 

I know there's the kind of change where wonderful things come into your life, and there's the kind of change that is synonymous with loss. Yet I have the same God at all times, the God who came for me and made me whole, and he has restoration in mind and not ruin. 

"Girl Meets Change" is TNT inside the cute cover. Join me and give a read, will you? 
I thank Revell Publishers for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

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  1. I loved this line: "Change doesn't look the same for any two people, but we likely feel the same when we meet it." AMEN.

    SUCH a kind review, Faith. Thank you for this...AND for letting me know I'm not alone. Much love!