Thursday, September 3, 2015



Perhaps you've heard of Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts." Her book challenged us all to find the ordinary glory, and to name each glimpse of it that we see in our days.

When I read Eileen Spinelli's "Thankful," I thought to myself that it was "One Thousand Gifts" for children. Both Ann's and Eileen's books have the same heart-beat, and both women have a way with words.

Sure, this is a book of simple, rhyming sentences. But listen to some of them...
"The artist is thankful for color and light.
The clown for her costume, silly and bright.
The doctor is thankful when patients get well.
The traveler, for a cozy hotel."

Don't the rhymes just dance right off of your tongue? And Eileen comes up with some unexpected gifts- everything from comfortable shoes for a waitress to a mayor who's thankful for every vote.

And the illustrations! This is Archie Preston's first published book, and it's fabulous. There's a wry, comic note to many of them that both little people and big people will appreciate. His work reminds me of Arthur Howard's illustrations in the well-known "Mr. Putter and Tabby" series.

So, again, "Thankful" is a treat. It reminds us that practicing gratitude is ultimately celebration, celebration of God's good care and recognition of all the gifts we have.  I'm thankful for my copy, provided free in exchange for an honest opinion from Booklook Bloggers.

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