Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Better Relationship Book....

Cupid Is a Procrastinator   

I read this book several moons ago now, and I hesitated to review it because I had loved it so much that I didn't think I could do it justice. In the inhospitable landscape of dating advice, we all might need Kate's words to reassure us. 

I needed her straight-talk, and her sense of humor, and her strong grip on both spirituality *and* reality. Particularly, I needed her bravery when she said that while singleness is certainly no curse, it's also hard. It's probably harder for a mature adult single person, rather than for a young adult, but still- you feel an absence. We belong to a species that was designed to be paired, and we feel separated when we're not. I look at couples, and families, and I want that belonging. I want to be a link in the chain of generations. Acknowledging this deeper hunger means being vulnerable, and that takes guts. Kate has them. 

And it takes another dose of guts to say "I'm going to own this longing, and not attempt to satisfy it with substitutes, and I'm going to live well in this tension and find goodness in this life of mine, whatever my relationship status." Kate has a suitcase of that kind of guts. 

Without platitudes, or sentimentality, or self-pity, or browbeating, Kate leads us to think about purpose and satisfaction and opportunity and gratitude and grace, all without sounding like a zillion other "Christian Dating Books." 

Really, this is much more a book about being a healthy, whole human being. But there's plenty of talk about Love and Relationships too- you won't feel cheated if you're one of those singles who compulsively reads relationship books. :-) 

Because this is a book about living life well, Kate invites us into her personal journey of growing closer to the heart of God. And, like the best of storytellers, her reflections and questions lead you to your own. 

I thank Harvest House Publishers for my review copy.

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