Sunday, October 18, 2015

Waiting on God~

Waiting on God

When you look around the natural world, you see that there is a rhythm to the way it moves. There is intense and purposeful activity: the verdant growth of spring, the chorusing of mating frogs, a wild snowstorm or powerful thunderstorm, deer running in a field. 

And then there are also periods of seeming inactivity: geese flocked together on a pond before they migrate, bears hibernating underground, the empty trees when all the leaves fall down, a dry creek in a drought. 

If you don't have the right eyes for looking, these moments will appear as wasted time instead of the holy pause that they are. You'll see unchanging dark instead of dawn on the horizon. You'll see unmelting snow instead of hearing stirring sap.

The natural world doesn't know to complain when the pace slows down, but I do. When things seem to stall, I get nervous. Waiting seems too much like doing nothing. After all, I shouldn't "wait" for a job/friend/community to come to me, I should go look for a it. Right? Perhaps right. But even when I'm doing my part, there will still be times of stillness, when all my efforts echo in the air. There will be times when the pieces don't fit, and my frustrated striving won't change that. 

"Waiting on God" by Wayne Stiles is a book for those times. It's a book to remind you that maybe you don't have to choke on that horrible word "wait." You're not being asked to doing nothing. You're not being told that this time means nothing. You aren't being sold a pie-in-the-sky destination. This waiting period, it's more of a bearing period. Bear this time, this tension, this want-unfulfilled and fear-unresolved. Bear it, and while you carry it inside you God is making space in you. And God wastes nothing. It all adds up to something. 

I thank Baker Books for providing me with this review copy.

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