Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Brian Hardin's "Reframe."


Ok, I'll admit it: I put off reading this book for a month. It just sounded so prosaic- "Reframe your view of God." But then I started the first chapter, and I wondered why I'd waited so long. Brian Hardin isn't trying to correct our view of God, he's trying to captivate us with the loveliness of God and call us to the life that's found in God. 

He started with a revolutionary concept- you are the only one living your story. (Yeah, this may be obvious, but I bet you haven't considered this deeply in quite a while.) Your life is a gift. God gave it to you, and the way you spend it and share it and let circumstances shape you is your gift back to him. 

This book is strong encouragement to move through your days in the easy rhythm of "God made me, Christ keeps me, The Spirit is in me to do good." 

Along the way, Brian explores concepts such as change and the way we fear it, hunger and the way we crave love and truth and purpose, shalom and the whole and holy and happy world we are made for, and the way we can recognize the grace that God has poured out for us. 

I thank Nav Press and Tyndale Publisher's for providing me with a review copy.

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