Sunday, November 29, 2015

Get Your Story Straight~

Get Your Story Straight: A Guide to Learning and Living the Gospel

"Get Your Story Straight" is a surprisingly intense teen Bible study. It's arranged as a devotional, with 52 sections comprised of seven segments and grouped under three headings. The headings are "Getting the Story Straight," "My Life Mixed into the Story," and "The Story in Me Lived out with Others." 

These devotions are written for teens who are engaging in the world of high school and sports and friends and relationships and teachers and employers and increasing responsibilities. Kristen Hatton definitely wrote to reach kids where they are, but she certainly did not "write down" to them. 

Kristen leads teens to think about all the big themes- renewal and purpose and character and salvation and freedom and purity and truth and what it means to be a human who walks with God. And she continually draws the whole "Christian life" message back to its source- Christ. 

Kristen openly addresses the pit-trap of moralism, that place where your behavior is excellent and you don't act like a rebel, but inside you're not resting in the love of God and you're not confident of His transforming grace. Way too many parent/teen resources are totally satisfied with moralism. "If we can only get them in line, and their outsides are clean, then we'll be happy." Kristen wants kids to be alive in Christ, alive to the work of God, and actively engaged in it. 

That's what we need. And this book can be a mind-stretching, heart-strengthening, Jesus-proclaiming experience for those kids who will read it.

I thank Litfuse for providing me with this book in exchange for an opinion

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