Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's Not What You Think It Is

It's Not What You Think: Why Christianity is About So Much More Than Going to Heaven When You Die
"It's Not What You Think" is a perfect title for a book like this. The "it" Jefferson speaks of is the Gospel, and a lot of people think they know what it is. And they think it hasn't got much to do with their strongest fears, deepest desires, and greatest hopes. 

The Gospel has been to reduced to a transaction between you and a guy named Jesus. Thanks (somehow) to his sacrificial death on a cross, you get into heaven when you die. But what if there's way more to the whole thing than a ticket to posthumous paradise? 
What if the Gospel and its God-touching-man narrative actually had to do with reality? 

What if the Gospel met our need, not for more religion, but for renewal? And what if it conferred a responsibility to us, a "burden of care" that we share with God Himself? 

If you're ready to think about the whole Christianity thing in a different, life-affirming way, then let Jefferson be your guide. Of course, he'd probably rather be considered a fellow traveler rather than a guide, a traveler whose insights provoke new thoughts and fresh conversations. 

For me, these were two of the foundational concepts- 

"The Kingdom's Not Where You Think." We aren't peddling pie-in-the-sky, enticing you to restrain yourself down here so you get a better reward up there. We're offering new eyes to see the work of God today, where you never recognized it before.

"People Are Not Who You Think." What if those new eyes suddenly showed you a glory in the people all around you, a weight and worth that re-invents them for you even if they never change. 

If you let this book do its job, your may begin seeing the sacred (the meeting place of God and man) each day. 
I thank Thomas Nelson for giving me this review copy. 

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