Thursday, December 3, 2015

Making it Home by Emily Wierenga

Making It Home

 Emily Wierenga captured our hearts with "Atlas Girl," her story of going out into unknown places searching for what really mattered. It was on that journey that she found her Abba God, who held her in His hands, whole and holy in His eyes. 

Now, she's back with another written offering. "Making it Home" is a series of powerful reflections on what means to truly be at home, to receive and give love, and to share your life with others. 

Emily shares small pieces of her days: conversations with her husband Trent, moments with her growing boys, experiences from her work as a writer. The stories are honest- she describes hard times when nothing goes smoothly and the rough edges of life rub everyone wrong. And they're beautiful stories- she tells us about the times when forgiveness is offered and hope is found and being together as a family is enough.  

She never takes the "I have arrived, and now I will instruct you" tone. Instead, she writes as a woman surprised, as if she's both startled and saved by the goodness of God. She writes  like tenderness and truth must be handled reverently, treasured up to fill you and then poured out on everyone you love.

I thank Baker books for providing me a copy "Making it Home" in exchange for a review.

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