Friday, February 5, 2016

Little Felted Dogs by Saori Yamazaki


Needle felting has taken the crafting world by storm, and if you Google it, you'll see why. With some raw wool, a special felting needle (and some significant skill) you can create animals that look ready to get up and run around.

When I first started looking at them, I saw some listings on Etsy for needle felted animals that cost $100+ dollars. Now I understand why- because needle felting involves risk to life and limb.

Just kidding. Sort of. It sounds like you do have to be careful with the "very sharp" felting needle if you want to avoid bloodshed, but with a bit of caution your crafting shouldn't be dangerous. It's the detail that commands those prices, because the end result of needle felting can be fantastically whimsical or startlingly realistic. It captivates the imagination.

In this book, the end result is exactly what the title tells us: Little Felted Dogs. Super cute ones, everything from Bulldogs to Shelties.

Saori teaches us the basic techniques down for felting the bodies- with or without a pipe cleaner frame- the long outer fur, the eyes, ears and paws. Her drawings show us the proportions of each dog, and once you have these basics down pat you could easily make any other kind of critter. If you're still a beginner, there's twenty-four puppies to pick from. You could make a whole litter!

So, if I ever decide to try needle felting, this book will be a fine guide.

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