Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Steadfast Love~by Lauren Chandler

Steadfast Love: The Response of God to the Cries of Our Heart

If you take a peek at Psalm 107, you'll see some vivid images. There are dry and weary people trekking across a desert and never arriving at their destination. There are heavily chained prisoners, oppressed by grinding labor in a dungeon of darkness. There are those who are dying amid destroyed lives. There are a bunch of terrified sailors reeling across the deck of their ship in the middle of a wild storm. 

When I'd read this Psalm before, I fixated on these terrible circumstances, and I missed the whole point. 
The sailors are scared out of their skin, they're soaked with salt spray that's flung up from waves they can't  command. Yet... they cry to the Lord in their distress, and He brings them into safe haven. The prisoners groan and despair, yet when they call out for redemption they find it. The one at the gates of death asks for new life, and receives it from the hand of God. The desert wanderer asks for a good end to the journey, and he comes into the safe city of God. 

The point is that all of them find all they need when they seek it in Him. Mostly, what they find is steadfast love. That's what Lauren Chandler wants us to see, whether we have storm or calm outside the window, whether we're inside hospital walls or at our own homes. 

Psalm 107 is a particularly precious portion of Scripture for Lauren, and she moves through it slowly in these chapters, pausing often to reflect. She looks long and carefully at the metaphors- barren places and safe cities, powerful waves and sudden peace, chains and freedom, the taste of death and the rush of life. She tells us stories from her days to show us what she's learned, and she shares her reasons for confidence and hope. 
And I can't think of anybody who doesn't need this message. 

 I thank B&H Publishing for providing my review copy, in exchange for an honest opinion.   

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