Sunday, March 6, 2016

"Cries from the Cross" Erwin Lutzer

Cries from the Cross: A Journey into the Heart of Jesus

If you've ever tuned in to a "preachin' radio station," then you've probably heard the distinctive voice of Erwin Lutzer though the airwaves.  

He's plain-spoken, and old-fashioned, and he has a deep reverence for the words in those sixty-six canonical books. Mostly, he wants people to look at Jesus and see the love in the Savior's face. 

This book, Cries from the Cross, looks at the last words Jesus spoke before his death. As the weight of our sin crushed him completely, what words did his parched lips form?  With what little breath he had left, whom did he address? What did the Lord say to the crowd that stood beside the cross? What did he say to the men being executed alongside him? What did he say to his mother, and to his beloved disciple John? What did he say to his Father? 

And what do these words tell us about our Savior? What can we glean about his love for us, that love which sent him to the cross? What can we learn about his perfect holiness and justice, and his utter mercy and his full provision of forgiveness? 

With Erwin Lutzer as our teacher, we revel in the freedom that comes when we know our sin is paid for in full. And we are reminded that we have a message to give the world- Christ, crucified and risen, and all that this means for each man and woman. 

I thank Moody Press for my review copy.

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