Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kara Tippetts, "And it was Beautiful."

If you treasured Kara Tippetts' blog posts, then this is your chance to own a collection of them bound in book form. Kara continued to add to her blog, aptly titled "Mundane Faithfulness," as often as she could while fighting Stage IV cancer. Her words dripped with grace and radiated love.

Kara found the wellspring of Life in her Savior, and she continually described the Living Water that He gave her. She let us all know Who the source of true life is.

Having satisfied her soul on the love of God, she deeply, madly, fully loved her family and friends. Her writing will inspire you to look closely at your own people, to reach out and touch them and enjoy them as gifts from your Heavenly Father.

Because these essays were blog posts, they are about a page in length. Each one will find a place in your heart. Some will laser you right open, and leave you saying "It isn't just me struggling with this. And God is here for me, too." And some will soothe like a balm, as this woman's final earthly words remind you of all the lasting truths.

Obviously, these reflections are born out of Kara's particular story. That's one thing that she made clear in her writing. Nobody can have any story other than their own. The particulars of dates and circumstances will change for each reader, but "hard" comes into every life. Kara wrote to the hard times, always trying to point to the one sweet thing that stays the same- Jesus.

And when she talks about His mercy and His grace, she means that she's seen those things, real and raw and present in the grit and mess and awkwardness. She ate and drank grace and mercy, and she shares the feast with her readers. You go away feeling nourished.

I thank David C Cook Publishers for providing me this review copy through Litfuse.

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