Monday, March 14, 2016

Seated with Christ~ by Heather Holleman

Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison

As I read Heather Holleman's book, I could tell that there was a love affair going on between her and language. She's one of those authors who writes as if the opportunity to communicate is a sacred thing, and she wants to use her every word well. You can tell that her heart beats faster when she finds a way to express stunning truth in a sentence, and her delight comes through the pages and quickens the reader's heart too. 

Heather's is the kind of writing that makes me want to treasure the gift of language for myself, and to use words with the honor and care they deserve. 

"Seated with Christ" is one of those books that will stamp itself on your soul, because the truth it tells is vital for living well. 

Where am I? I'm struggling, fighting with the stuff inside my head and outside my door. 
I'm scrapping, trying to get ahold of something good, afraid that I'm losing out to somebody else who seemed to start off closer to the prize. I'm scraping, chasing and wanting, trying to get by, worried that my grasping hands will come up empty and knowing that "grasping" is not a healthy way to live. 

Where am I according to God? I'm seated with Christ, resting with confidence in the place he provided, circled around his table with many others who are all looking at his face. I can act with the same confidence that I rest with, because no matter what happens I belong at his table. I'll never need to earn a better seat, and I'll never lose the one I've got. 

Heather is so right when she suggests that her reader probably has a mental list of tables they've never sat at. Some of these metaphorical "tables" are far more important than others, but in every case it hurts not to be offered a seat. That will never happen with Jesus. He has made a place for us, and when we recognize that we belong there so many things can change. 

Heather has three key words to describe seated living: Adoration, Access, and Abiding. She has an excellent chapter on each of these concepts. 

If you're hungry for a place to belong, if you wish you could live more freely, if you long to be unfettered by fears and shame, if you're conscious of "all the places you never sat" and you wish you had a seat with Christ, then please do read this book. Because you already have a seat. And Heather will help you find it. 

I thank Moody Press for my review copy, provided in exchange for an honest opinion.

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