Sunday, April 3, 2016

Brazen~ by Leeana Tankersley

Brazen: The Courage to Find the You That's Been Hiding

"Brazen needs to be rescued from the clutches of hussy and delivered into the hands of holy, because it's a word worth using, a word worth living." ~ Leeana Tankersley 

This book is like the best of songs- pieces of it will get caught in your head, looping over and over in your memory, and its refrain will call you onward into good things. 

Leeana knows what it's like to not be in a good place. She understands what it's like when your heart and mind and body are struggling and you're afraid that you'll never be well again, that you won't be able to make anything work, and that it all doesn't matter. 

Out of her Hard time- yep, Hard deserves a capital H- she emerged, slowly learning the value of her own soul. Think about it. What do we have to offer God, our family, and our friends? The answer is: Only our Essential Self. 

A soul will never tip a measuring scale, not by one ounce, yet Jesus said you couldn't pay for it with the whole world. A soul cannot be seen, not one glimpse, but it's the source of every choice you make. We desperately need to nourish these souls, to cultivate the inner life and know the sacred space where a woman meets her Maker. That is Leeana's message. She calls it brazen living: Being yourself- God made and God approved- without that corrosive shame that dogs and destroys. 

Each chapter is a meditation on one aspect of the larger theme. The titles will give you an idea. "Make Peace with Self Possession." "Disobey Your Fear." "You Are That Girl." "Curate Your Life." "Keep Casting Your Nets." "Fall in Love." "Unlearn." "Welcome it All." 

"We are both complete and becoming," says Leeana. We need to rest- brazen, shameless rest- in the knowledge that we are enough, we are complete.  And then we need to act- with brazen bravery- to engage the world and share our healing souls. We need to give our words and art and love- brazenly- to the world. 

This book is an invitation and a gentle push. 

I thank Revell Reads for my review copy, provided in exchange for an honest opinion. 

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