Saturday, April 2, 2016

Honestly~ by Daniel Fusco

Honestly: Getting Real about Jesus and Our Messy Lives

Jesus makes dead people alive. That's what Daniel Fusco wants you to know. That in the shout-it-from-a-mountain-top message that energizes every other thought is this book. 

"Honestly" is one of those books where vital truths are spoken in everyday words, as if God really is right here amid the baseball and jazz music and Italian food of Daniel's life, and amid the whatever and wherever of your life. 

Daniel weaves back and forth, looking at Scripture and looking at life, exploring what it's like to be human, to know the love of God, and to walk like Jesus through this messy world. 

People always talk about "being a good Christian," and we really ought to quit that, because none of us are and it doesn't matter anyway. What matters is that we have a good Christ. And we do. 
We have a Jesus who will walk with us through a hard thing, when all we want to do is get over it or go around it. We have a Jesus who doesn't turn away from any ugliness that we can expose, instead he reaches out and touches us. 

That's the truth. It's also the truth that terrible things happen. And burdens are too heavy to be carried alone. And people suffer in very real ways, even when they look fine from the outside. Any book titled "Honestly" has to address both sides of our existence-that  this world is cracked right up the center and we're all feeling it, and yet we are safe in Jesus, and loved better than we could ever imagine. 
This book earns its title. 

I thank Navpress and Tyndale for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

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