Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Life in Community~

Life in Community: Joining Together to Display the Gospel

Two pillars mark out the landscape of life. One of them is marked "Loneliness," and the other one reads "Belonging." We're all journeying along in the space between. We're human beings made for belonging, but we're alone in our own skin, separated by secrets and struggles. 

It's our community that brings us together, proving that we have a place, and that we can contribute. It's our community that cares about us, calling us to live with courage, comforting us in painful times, confronting us when we hide from the truth. 

Dustin Willis' new book "Life In Community" is a primer on this vital subject. Dustin believes in Gospel-fired community, which is what you get when diverse individuals decide to welcome each other the way God-in-Christ has welcomed them. 

Chapter by chapter, Dustin outlines what this kind of community could look like, how good it could be, and how it's worth the all effort it takes to build it. He makes it clear that community isn't a lofty idea or a shining ideal, instead it's a solid and tangible manifestation of God's grace right here on our ordinary streets. 

Most important, Dustin draws our vision back to Christ, over and over, showing him to be both the model and the source of our communities. I really appreciated this balance, because Jesus is both our Divine Savior and our perfect example. His ultimate work on our behalf powers the "go and do likewise" works that we do in imitation of him. 

I thank Moody Press Newsroom for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion. 

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