Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Laura McNeill Mystery

Sister Dear

This is destined to be a very short review. First, I much appreciate Laura's descriptive writing. Reading this book, it was as if I wore her characters' skin, saw with their eyes, and heard with their ears. I'd try another of her books to experience that sensory-involved reading again. 

Second, the mystery. Whoa, did it hook me right in. I wanted to see how all the angles came together, how all the pieces added up. The questions of guilt and innocence in a small town rarely fail to catch my attention. Especially when the mystery is also a sister story. 

Which brings me to my third point, the sisters. I absolutely hated their relationship, and I think the author intended for me to. I can't say more about this, except that I kept wishing and hoping for total restoration or even a single ray of hope, and there was no such resolution. 

If you read this, expect a fast, deadly mystery, that is peeled back layer by layer by a woman desperate to begin her life again. 

I thank Litfuse for my review copy. 

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