Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Mother Letters~

The Mother Letters: Sharing the Laughter, Joy, Struggles, and Hope

Looking back at human history all around the world, we see that wise people have always understood the power of a spoken blessing. When goodness is called out and a good name is bestowed, that is a powerful part of growth and transformation. Today, we need these moments of invocation more than ever. When life is hard, we need to hear what God made us to be. When all we can see is trouble, we need to hear about the hidden treasures. 

This book, "The Mother Letters" is a sweet ray of sunlight, a spring breeze, a friend's hand warm on your skin. Amber Haines, author of the beautiful book "Wild in the Hollow," and her husband Seth, author of the honest and hope-filled "Coming Clean," have curated this selection of Mother Letters. 

The Mother Letters are for every woman who has ever mothered any child. If you have borne the weight and glory of that title, whether there was DNA involved or not, whether "Mom" was ever spoken aloud before or not, then you are a Mother. 

Some of the contributors have names you may know from their books or blogs, and others you'll meet here for the first time. Yes, they're plainspoken about motherhood's messiness. You will read about temper tantrums and multiplying laundry piles. Yes, they're truthful about motherhood's pain. You'll hear their hearts as they discuss watching a child grow and reach for independence. Yes, they write poetically about motherhood's delights, from holding the newborn child to seeing your grown child living well. 

Despite all these familiar themes, though, this isn't your ordinary mother-book. The authors aren't selling you on any particular parenting method. They aren't determining your worth by the productivity of your womb. They aren't defining you in terms of your offspring's success. Instead, they're calling out to you as a God-designed individual. They won't encourage you to do or be more for you children's sake- no, they'll call for you to be alive in Christ's name. They'll declare you a Mother-soul, which is strong and wide and generous. 

I thank Revell Publishing for my review copy, which was provided in exchange for an honest opinion. 

Dear Mother.... 

When it comes to the mother/child relationship, my favorite image is of the mama black bear with her cubs. When the little bears come out of their winter den, they know nothing about the world outside. It's wild and dangerous, a place to flourish and a place to be cautious all at once. The small bears learn everything by following right behind mama. 

Human mothers teach their children all the practical things, too. We need these practical skills and essential lessons. But Mothers-all-over-the-world, most of all you teach us how to be. You show us how you move through the world, how you stand in your own skin, how you look at others and reach out to them. 

My wish for every Mother Soul would be happiness, wholeness, and whimsical holiness. 

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