Friday, June 10, 2016

Wild and Free~

Wild and Free: A Hope-Filled Anthem for the Woman Who Feels She is Both Too Much and Never Enough

"For the Woman Who Feels She Is Both Too Much and Never Enough." 

I'm willing to guess that readers will pick this book up based on that subtitle alone, because doesn't it just say it all? 

Not Enough. 
Not competent enough, not capable enough, not agreeable enough, not accomplishing enough. 
And also Too Much. 
Too much need, too much want, too many attachments, too much boldness, too much attitude and personality. 

Don't we all feel it?? I do. 

In this book, Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan have teamed up to deliver hard-learned truth to their sisters. 

It's time to live without constantly measuring yourself and then feeling like the total is incorrect or inappropriate. God made us to move through this world with confidence, assured that we are his creations. We are beloved, we must respond to that truth and acknowledging that we are transformed one step at a time. And this isn't meant to be merely pleasant sentiments- these concepts have to undergird our day to day living. 

This is actually the second excellent book on this theme that I've read in the past few months. The first was "Brazen" by Leeana Tankersly. She wrote to call women back to their Created Center- that place in their soul where they know the touch of God. 

Jess and Hayley write to remind you that you live and move and have your being under the eye of your Father. He's the one who declares your value. He's the one who calls you "Mine." He's the one who speaks the last word on your existence, and it is a good word. And once you've heard and believed that word, then you can live wild and free. 

I thank the authors and Zondervan for offering me a review copy, provided through BookLook.

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