About Me.

I follow Christ. I read books that glorify Him. I get excited about great books. I blog to tell the world which books I love.

   I think these sum it up....

I do follow authors and publishers and book publicity services. I cherish every interaction I have with authors, and I run around the room shouting "I is so Happy!" when I see a favorite author announcing a new book. 

I am so blessed to be able to blog for books. 
And I will try to convince you to read my favorites. 
You can find me here, telling you about them. 
I agree with this quote. 
I love best books that deal with issues in a powerful way. 
Books that stir the heart and mind. 
Books that leave you profoundly changed. 
I also love the sheer pleasure of Story. 
The pull of a book. 
The way you can live in it. 
The characters who stay with you.
I love being able to see with their eyes. 
Characters from books enrich my life with theirs. 
I know this moment well. 
I agree. May they grow up to treasure The Book of Books, 
The Bible, and may they love great stories that help them know both their Lord and their fellow man better. 

 The Book Reviewer, Faith. 


  1. Love these quotes, Faith ~ I relate to many of them ;-)

  2. Saw your comment on tweediatuesdays.blogspot.com and decided to check it out. Nichole is also a lover of books and this will help give me great gift ideas! Look forward to your posts.....

    1. Thank you so much! I love connecting book lovers with good books... :-)

  3. Love your quotes! What a great heart you have to share delightful stories with others. Bless you...

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! :) You just made my day. :)

  4. Glad to be connected! Love all of these quotes because they are totally true :)

  5. Faith, I simply, simply love your blog! I read your reviews on blogging for Books and I said to myself, what a deep and profound way to review a book in a manner that tells about faith in God. Love these quotes too! They tell exactly what's in my heart, ESPECIALLY the first one. Lol!